Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream

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Adam Robinson has partnered with Wieden+Kennedy to collaborate on a video piece used for a MoMA installation challenging Americans to Change the Dream and Change Their Cities through the project Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream, “an exploration of new architectural possibilities in the aftermath of the recent foreclosure crisis.”

MoMA challenged 5 teams to “envision new housing and transportation infrastructures that could catalyze urban transformation, particularly in the country’s suburbs.”

To break away from the typical fly-through video and to make the project feel more real, they brought in Wieden+Kennedy, who, working with editors like Adam Robinson, crafted videos that served as more of a marketing tool, breathing some life into the concept.

Shoot Online labeled it some of the Best Work You May Never See and both WeLoveAd and Inhabitat featured the work, and, for a few more months, you can see it for yourself.

# Adam Robinson the Whitehouse Post at New York MoMA