Flying High with IKEA

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Gravity got you grounded while your friends are flying high?

A little IKEA and imagination should remedy that.

Join James Norris, Daren Rabinovitch at Strange Beast, and Mother London for a fantastical flight through the skies and into IKEA living rooms.

Come home to play.

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Tell us a little bit about your role on this spot? How much is live action, and how much is VFX?
Apart from the opening shot, every other shot was shot on a set with actors in costumes. Then VFX were added into the world, so the role was a combination of live action editing, VFX editing and compositing. Daren the director had me on board early on, and we worked on cutting the animatic together and pre-planning the shoot. ​

How does the combination of live action and VFX affect your process? Did you approach it differently at all?
We planned it meticulously from the start with the animatic. After that, it was largely like any live action except I had extra flexibility in manipulating each character in the edit.

How do you manage the mix of elements?
Initially in stages, but as we cut and composite more, the world comes alive. From there, it’s more like any live action—you need to create a real world in the edit first, and then you can get into the subtleties.

What are some of the challenges? Highlights?
I loved the whole process—it was a joy to cut, it was great to work with Daren, Strange Beast and MPC. I’m very proud of the unique film and incredible world that’s we’ve created. It’s an ad that appeals to so many—my kids love it, and it appeals to the child we all once were.


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