Spotify, Phoenix - Antoine Wagner+Ethan Mitchell at the Whitehouse Post in New York

Rise Early & Burn the Midnight Oil with Phoenix

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Spotify, Phoenix and Droga5 all got together with director Antoine Wagner and Charles-Marie at Iconoclast, and this growing snowball of talent reached out to Ethan Mitchell at Whitehouse Post New York to cut together 24 hours with Phoenix, rising early and burning the midnight oil.

Ethan, rockstar that he is, cut some 24hrs worth of footage into a 19 minute film over the course of about 48 hours.

Needless to say, Thomas’ comments on editing probably resonate with Ethan:

“We’re not scared of the lack of inspiration—you know, inspiration is everywhere—it’s not the issue—the issue is editing, what to highlight. So whenever we make an album, we record everything. There’s no fear of the blank page, it’s just hours and hours of  material … and then you listen back and you have 5 minutes, and that makes it worth it.”

We happen to have about 4x that amount in this case. Tune into YouTube at 12:22AM local time and check back throughout the day—we’re doing things a bit differently this time…

In the meantime, plugin to stay tuned—Follow Phoenix on Spotify and tap into the Whitehouse Post on Facebook and Twitter.


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