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The One That Got Away

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Many years ago at The Whitehouse in NYC we had a lovely assistant called David Cea.

He took off to go freelance, see the world, get married…and for some dumbass reason we allowed him to.

We always considered David to be the one that got away, especially as he began to build an editing career for himself at Cosmo Street.

Well, today we are pleased to announce that David is moving back home and joining The Whitehouse in Chicago.

He has been working in Chi-Town and building a following there and we are delighted that he has chosen to rejoin us.

Welcome back David. You will notice that few things have changed—David Brixton still talks without moving his mouth, Russell is still camera shy and John Smith still does a mean Michael Jackson impersonation.

Business as usual.

Keep reading for the full release. 


Whitehouse Post welcomes editor David Cea back to the family as he makes a move to the Midwest. Born in New Jersey, Cea studied film at Hofstra University where his interest in editing was piqued when he became a teaching assistant for his Avid class. Upon graduation, Cea began his editorial career at the Whitehouse New York in 2005. He quickly became an assistant editor and grew his skills for several years before leaving in 2008 to test the freelance waters. After successful stints at a few NY shops, most recently Cosmo Street, Cea felt the Midwest calling and is excited to rejoin with the Whitehouse in Chicago.

Cea has worked on many prestigious campaigns including AT&T “The Internet Says” for BBDO directed by Matt Aselton; Healthy Choice “Dealbreaker” starring Julia Louis Dreyfus and Jane Lynch directed by Christopher Guest; and Red Cross “Storytellers” campaign for BBDO which was shortlisted at AICP in 2012. His credit list includes many sought after brands such as Google, ESPN, Progressive, Chevrolet, and Kraft. Cea recently finished “Smart Performer,” a short film for Audi starring Claire Danes that aired during the Emmys this year.

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