The Whitehouse Post LA Expands, Adds CarbonVFX & Cap Gun Collective

David Brixton & Rick Lawley Explain the Whitehouse Post Expansion in Shots

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We all knew Whitehouse Post was a panoply of pioneers, and now we have a shots article exploring the latest Los Angeles expansion thanks to shots’ US Editor Simon Wakelin and the Whitehouse Post trailblazers David Brixton and Rick Lawley.

Wakelin, Brixton and Lawley walk us through everything from how the recession led to the Whitehouse’s One Roof concept to teetering on the tightrope of taking creative chances and still turning profits to what makes an editing icon.

Not ones to drown in stagnancy, the Whitehouse team has used the recession to proceed forward – and out in many other directions as well. “If you don’t move forward and keep changing, then you’re going to die,” says managing partner David Brixton. “We didn’t actually mind the recession because it made us revalue what we had as a company.”

“The recession made us think about offering more service,” adds Rick Lawley, founding partner. “Teaming up the four companies and making them interact with each other has been a lot of fun.”

The Whitehouse Roof now spans from production (Cap Gun Collective) through editing (the Whitehouse team, of course) onto design and animation (Gentleman Scholar) and VFX (Carbon VFX).

As for what it takes to make it a cut above as an editor?

“The quality to remain impartial,” offers Brixton. “You need to look at the shots and ask if it advances the story. If it doesn’t engage emotionally then the shot shouldn’t be there, no matter how much everyone else loves it.”

“You really have to be ruthless to be an editor,” adds Lawley, nodding to Brixton’s comment. “What you leave out is as important as what you leave in.”

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