easy rider redux – Dan Gutterman at the Whitehouse Post in New York

Dan Gutterman Rides Easy into Camp Kuleshov

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We’ve been here before and we’ll be here again. Camp Kuleshov, known for its mashups and remixes, has commenced in this fine year of 2012.

First was Chicago, next came New York.

The Whitehouse Post in New York repped for the Whitehouse block with Abbey Chaus, Billy Ennis, Everett Forbes, Katia Vannoy all auteuring their own renditions of Red Eye as a rom-com, Groundhog’s Day as a social drama, An Affair to Remember as an action/thriller and 2012 as a rom-com, respectively.

And it was Dan Gutterman– who started with us as an intern and returned as a runner – that took home a trophy for his horrific rendition of Easy Rider.

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