Nokia, Shoot to Trill – Interlude + Alex Fendrich at Cap Gun + Steve Prestemon at the Whitehouse LA

Congrats – You’re Directing The Jessie Rose Trip’s Latest Music Video

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Congrats to Cap Gun’s Alex Fendrich and YOU on your recent collaboration with Nokia, Interlude and The Jessie Rose Trip on the Don’t Forget Me Boy music video – you can thank Steve Prestemon for finessing your editing.

From character to color, phone type to lens, you guide the direction of a music video that can play out in more ways than I care to count.

Best part? It all happens in real time. No lag.

That’s because Interlude rocks.

So – make as many versions as your life of creative leisure allows and post them to Facebook, Twitter, what have you.

Feel like @’ing us? Twitter @WhitehousePost, Facebook @ /WhitehousePost.

Have @ it.

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