Allstate Raccoon – Romain Gavras, Matthew Wood via the Whitehouse

Congrats to Winners of the London International Awards

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The London International Awards just dealt out their winners and finalists, and we have many congratulations to dispense.

Sony Ericsson “Product Testing Institute– this campaign has been sweeping awards since it’s launch. At LIA, it picked up a Gold for TV/Cinema/Online Campaign, so congrats to John Smith who cut Models, Surfers, Toddlers, and Seniors, as well as James Norris who cut Guido and Glam Rockers.

We also want to congratulate John Smith for his editing on Drench’s Cubehead, which took Gold for VFX.

Another successful campaign has been the Allstate Mayhem campaign, which won the Bronze in the Integrated category. Douglas Fir, GPS, Raccoon and Toddler all took the Bronze in TV/Cinema/Online Campaign, and GPS, Raccoon, Flag and Lawn Game also won Bronze in the TV/Cinema/Online Film/Insurance category. Congrats to Matthew Wood and Carlos Lowenstein.

Want to see the full list of winners/finalists? You got it.

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