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Comedy Central Targets Cap Gun’s The Venue As Finalist

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Cap Gun‘s The Venue, directed by Alex Fendrich and written by Kevin Fleming and Albert Samuels, both co-head writers and creators for the nationally syndicated sitcom Sports Action Team, has been selected as a finalist in the Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition.

A cast of characters well-versed in sketch comedy and improv, The Venue‘s cast has worn well the stages of Second City, iO and UCB on both coasts. Their talent, of course, is not limited to the stage, with several seasons of television under their belts – in both acting and in writing. And artistic attention was paid to the direction, from lighting to tone – all from a fellow Second City alum, performer and director Alex Fendrich.

This is obviously a very proud moment for Cap Gun who hold the well-respected channel in high-regard, and they’re looking down the barrel toward a potential development deal.

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