Clear the Shelves!

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AICP happened last night—and we proudly marched home, hearts big and chests forward.

We cheers our remarkable team and colleagues for 5 AICP Awards—including 2 Editorials for our wonderful editors, Charlie Harvey and Russell Icke, and three others for Caleb Hepler, Paul La Calandra and Brandon Porter.

We raise our glasses to Charlie Harvey, AG Rojas at Caviar and W+K Amsterdam for taking home the Editorial Award with Powerade’s There’s Power in Every Game—Nico’s Story.

Cheers also to Russell Icke, Lance Acord at Park Pictures, Leo Burnett and Carbon VFX for making off with a second Editorial Award for Firestone’s Pick Up.

Thanks to Caleb Hepler, Terri Timely at Park Pictures and The Martin Agency for making us smile and even enjoy pre-roll with Unskippable, which laughed its way to the awards shelf with the Humor Award.

Congrats to Paul La Calandra, Passion Pictures and W+K Portland for owning the field of Animation with Nike’s The Last Game.

And props to Brandon Porter, Gus Stoven at Stimmung, TBWA\Chiat\Day and Fernando Meirelles for going #AllIn with Adidas The Dream: All in or Nothing and taking home the award for Sound Design.

Cheers, chest bumps and hat tips to everyone involved—phenomenal work and well-deserved recognition all around!