Goat Island DJ Caruso + Josh Bodnar at the Whitehouse Post in Los Angeles, LA

Caruso + Bodnar – Together at Cannes

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Josh Bodnar and DJ Caruso have combined forces once again – this time at Cannes, with the feature Goat Island. Starring Annalise Basso (Grace), Chandler Canterbury (Howie), Radha Mitchell (Grace’s mom) and Val Kilmer (creepy cop), the story centers around the two youth (Grace and Howie) who become victims of a cruel prank at summer camp.

Mirroring Lord of the Flies in many aspects, Goat Island diverges on one pivotal point – instead of succumbing to the beast within, Grace & Howie find their inner ram and quietly-yet-obstinately defy expectations, proving their ability to overcome and uncover unrealized strength in their tests and challenges.

Variety reviewer Peter Debruge has some nice things to say about the collaboration and the rest of us are starting to wonder if there’s a pattern in the Caruso-Bodnar duo

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