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Carlos Lowenstein – Coming to a Mailbox Near You

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Carlos Lowenstein may be making an appearance in mailbox near you with his feature in Abe’s Penny.

In an overscheduled, overstimulated world, Abe’s Penny delivers a weekly postcard, focusing on a photographer and a writer each month.

This past month was Carlos Lowenstein and Ian Carpenter – you can see the complete collection The Distant Sound of a Dog Barking on his personal website.

 The Distant Sound of a Dog Barking is a series Carlos uncovered by wandering through a network of alleys in the Chicago neighborhoods – as he explains in an interview on Capricious Magazine, “It’s a bit of a maze and a strange place in that it’s a public space that isn’t really meant to be seen. I fee drawn to these public places where people feel no one is watching. All kinds of interesting visuals are left behind. I sometimes think of them as spaces that have let their guard down. Over the course of a year, I went on long walks through the alleys and took pictures. I found this space had a calming effect on me. I was struck by how quiet it got as I went deeper into a neighborhood. I could hear wind chimes hanging in back porches and the gentle hum of the rest of the city. At times, after photographing in the alleys for several hours, the physical sameness of the place could become disorienting.”

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