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Camp Kuleshov – Victors & Spoils

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Camp Kuleshov 2011. A place where dreams come true and young assistant editors become women and men.

Named for Lev Kuleshov, the film maker who demonstrated the power of editing and montage in the early 1900s with what is now known as the Kuleshov Effect, Camp Kuleshov brings assistant editors out of their curtained bays and into the spotlight.

Each year assistant editors are presented with the same challenge – take a movie of one genre and craft a trailer for something entirely different. Sometimes specific movies are assigned, sometimes only a starting genre – but the end result is always the same – pure, unadulterated brilliance.

This year, Whitehouse Post is beaming proud of not one, not two, but three adept assistant editors, thoroughly deserving of the spotlight. Caleb Hepler first sent shock waves from Chicago with Shark Song his heartwarming rendition of Jaws, a trailer that pulled the heart-strings – and First Place. A few days later, Zach Vandlik crept onto the scene and snagged an Honorable Mention with his horror rendition of 127 and Shane Reid hacked his way to the top with another first place for a Grindhouse version of the same film – expertly executed.

Check out the winning spots and then drop by our facebook page and give a shout out to the ingenious editors behind them.

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