British Heart Foundation, Harder, Faster, Younger – Grey + Steve Bendelak + Alaster Jordan at the Whitehouse Post in London

Harder, Faster, Younger

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Think Stayin’ Alive is only for the disco old folk?

Think again.

Vinnie’s mini resuscitates the British Heart Foundation’s ad from last year, this time focusing on a younger demographic.

Tackling the fact that CPR is not currently taught in schools, Grey London, Steve Bendelack, Alaster Jordan and Mini Vinnie give kids the rundown.

First off, check you’re not in any danger. Shout for help. Call 999. Lock your fingers, knuckles up, and push hard and fast on the sovereign til help arrives.

And, remember kids – this is for training purposes only, so DON’T try it on your mates.


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