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We’re psyched to celebrate the promotion of our friend and colleague Brandon Porter who’s been an integral part of the Whitehouse Family for half a decade and whose warm smile and sweet skate skillz brighten up the joint. We’ve sat and chatted with him about the whats and whys, and we happily invite you to share in our conversation:

What inspires you?
“I gotta say, my friends are all big inspirations for me. I seemed to have surrounded myself with lots of artistic and creative people. When one of them has success it motivates and inspires me to have the same. Also the people I work with. If I see someone else’s edit that is really good, it definitely lights a fire under my ass and pushes me to make whatever I’m working on the best it can be. I think that’s also a bit of my competitive nature as well.”

Do you have a favorite quote?
“If you ain’t first, you’re last.” —Ricky Bobby

What are you listening to this month?
“I’m pretty all over the place when it comes to music. I go through moods that swing me between genres, with the one constant being I can’t stand country. Haha. Lately though, I’ve been listening to this relatively new artist called Banks. She has a kind of hypnotic chill vibe to her music, good stuff to work to. The second is old school Biggie. For some reason I can’t get enough of it right now. I just appreciate how in hip hop back then they were actually saying something with their lyrics. Not just making up a bunch of nonsense. I also just recently listened to the Marvin Gaye, Trouble Man soundtrack. Incredible music. It just has this ability to make you sit in your chair, eyes closed and groove to the music. So good! Lastly, Trouble Man lead me to this amazing mix tape Mos Def did with Marvin’s music called Yasiin Gaye. Seriously amazing, go download it now.”

Have you eaten anything remarkable lately?
“I feel like I eat a lot of remarkable things, which is why my waist keeps expanding by the day! Of note though, I will say the duck ragu at Bestia is pretty incredible.”

What’s a project you’ve worked on that you still find yourself thinking of?
“The Ghost Wave documentary with 180LA, shot by Taylor Steele at Bully Pictures was a very cool and rewarding experience. Being able to travel South Africa to watch those guys surf those waves and live that journey definitely influenced the way we portrayed it on screen.”

Why editing? What brings you here and what keeps you?
“You know that’s a good question. We must all be crazy wanting to be responsible for the success or failure of a project. No matter what—even if it was under shot or the performances were bad or whatever—we are responsible for making sure it comes together and works. Having said that, there’s something magical about what you can accomplish in the cutting room. Something about being able to shape and mold a story in so many different directions just does it for me. We’re the last stop in the story train and it’s up to us to put it together in a way that conveys the story in the best way possible. I get some weird high when I get a sequence together that works for the first time. Plus I’m a visual guy so I’m always looking for cool bits of imagery to fit in my edits. On a random side note, I strangely find the timeline to be this chaotic thing of beauty. Sometimes I’ll screen capture and save them. Whoa, that last comment gave me sudden flash backs to art school critique days.”

Seen any work recently that’s really stuck with you?
“Ad wise, I just saw the new Beats by Dre spot welcoming LeBron home to Cleveland. Very well done. Movie wise I just saw Gone Girl. After, I couldn’t stop talking about that second half of the film. I loved it. Next up though I want to see Whiplash, I keep hearing great things. Then I’ll be seeing Interstellar in glorious 70mm IMAX film. I’m a huge nerd on the inside and have an extra soft spot for anything SciFi.”

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