HP SplitX2 — Greg Brunkalla + 180LA + Stink + Skunk + BBDO + Brandon Porter at the Whitehouse Post in Los Angeles

Brandon Porter—Pushing Buttons.

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We’re big fans of button pushers here at Whitehouse.

This coming Monday & Tuesday, Brandon Porter will be editing *LIVE* with Clams Casino as he makes a track inspired by the comments you leave, which will then be cut into a 2 minute music video.

Born of Stink DigitalSkunk‘s Director Greg Brunkalla and Omnicom’s 180LA, the event demos the abilities of HP’s SplitX2, a tablet-ultrabook hybrid. Thanks to Omnicom’s BBDO New York, HP’s Aurasma augemented reality technology will come alive at Best Buy stores, allowing customers to bring Clams Casino to life with their mobile phones in a virtual experience around the SplitX2.

See the AdAge write up and stay tuned for the live event this coming Monday and Tuesday, November 18th & 19th.


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