Bodnar Hits the Books

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“Books break the shackles of time.” Sagan said it, and Josh Bodnar has done it. Not one, but TWO books have come out this year featuring Josh’s work and insight, and committing him to the historical realm of editorial annals.

Bryan Cook, ECD and Director of Multimedia at Team One, has recently released his book The Art of Short Form Content: From Concept to Color Correction. Bryan’s book satisfies an oft-overlooked niche, offering “an in-depth examination of the craft of creating short form filmic content.” Bryan takes a focused look at Josh’s sharp, dexterous use of the match cut to weave together shots that shouldn’t work together in Sprint’s Whiplash commercial. Bryan also delves into editing as a profession, picking Josh’s brain on topics ranging from what makes an editor successful to what goes into making Emmy Award Winning titles like Josh’s work for Dexter on Showtime or other top titles like The Killing.

On the topic of titles, Austin Shaw’s Design for Motion: Fundamentals and Techniques of Motion Design also features several pieces of Josh’s work. Two full pages display the visually bold and restrained titles for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The book also features Josh’s title sequence for The Killing, as well as the visually striking and memorable opening titles of Dexter.

Both books are available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and most places books are sold. If you read closely, you may even recognize some work from our sister company Gentleman Scholar!