Verizon, Hyper Intelligence – Laurent Ledru + Josh Bodnar at the Whitehouse Post in Los Angeles

Bodnar Goes Bionic with Verizon, Droid & Hyper Intelligence

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The idea of the phone as an extension of ourselves is an idea familiar to almost all of us – for better and for worse.

Google, largely responsible for structuring the planetary consciousness we call the internet, extends that consciousness into mobile with Droid – the centerpiece of Verizon’s spot, Hyper Intelligence.

Cut by our own Bionic Bodnar with McGarry Bowen and Laurent Ledru, the spot plays off of the concept of minds merging with mobile machinery, highlighting how upgrades to our phones extend to become upgrades to ourselves, further tying us into the fabric of information, community and that planetary consciousness we call the internet.

And until we get a better handle on telepathy, it looks like we’ll continue to carry part of our consciousness in our pockets.


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