Meet Annie Maldonado: HoP in LA

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Seasoned producer Annie Maldonado began her career at Whitehouse Post in 2014 and was recently promoted to Head of Production in Los Angeles! Dying to know more? Dive into Annie’s Q&A below ⬇

When did you decide to become a producer & why?  What was your path to this point?

Like most people, I fell into it and now I have a husband and three kids and I’m grateful for the training! But seriously, I fell into post when a copywriter friend mentioned the movie trailer shop he worked for was looking for a  producer’s assistant.  That sounded insanely more interesting than answering phones at an insurance litigation law firm while I studied for the LSAT, and mostly, it was. I thrive in sink or swim situations and that’s just what I dove into. That job gave me a great base to eventually try my hand in all facets of post, but I always came back to editorial.  I had been freelancing at various shops for a few years and was eager to land a staff gig! The fact that I landed at “The Whitehouse” seemed serendipitous, when I ventured off to college in Washington DC, I had dreamed of working in the actual Whitehouse. This Whitehouse is definitely more my vibe. 

What’s your favorite thing about production and why? 

Without a doubt, the people (shout out to the ladies of LA production woot woot!!). I feel lucky to work with a group of incredibly talented and dope people on a daily basis. I am constantly amazed how every project is different and even after all these years, the puzzle pieces always come together in different ways. You can’t bring that together without good people connecting along the way!

LA Production!

What is something that inspires you? 

People coming together to make things happen. This year and a half has shown that especially so. 

How do you take your coffee? 

With a splash of milk.

Favorite time of day? 

I am not a morning person, but I do love the occasional morning where I’m up before anyone else and can just soak in that morning silence for a few minutes. 

Annie’s favorite time of day

Something that makes you smile:

The family. 

Best takeout near you:

Literally anything that means my husband or I don’t have to cook dinner.

Best show to stream:

I don’t know about the BEST, but I did stream all 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy over the course of 2020/21. #quarantinegoals 

Schitt’s Creek grew on me and of course Ted Lasso – we all need a feel good escape that always makes you smile. 

Favorite holiday:

Thanksgiving – you get the most time off and don’t have to buy presents!! 

Favorite place:

Gleneden Beach, OR.

Annie’s girls making some art with an excellent view.

Biggest creative challenge you’ve faced? 


Advice for anyone entering production? 

Roll with the punches.  Take your job seriously, but remember, we’re not saving lives here. Follow through – every time, no matter how much you may not want to. Be open to wearing a lot of hats, but know when to raise your hand and say it’s too many. 

Is there something you wish you knew when you were starting out? 

Trust your gut! And on those rare occasions you mess up, admit your mistake, learn from it, and move on. 

Can you tell us about a few projects you are proud of and why? 

Early on in my career I worked at a shop where we wore a lot of hats. I was thrown into producing a “viral” campaign for a known video game brand with a shoestring budget. I suddenly found myself being a creative, line and post producer, and really had to reach deep into my sink or swim instincts to bring together a surprisingly funny and well received campaign! More recently, I was lucky to work on a P&G spot slated for the 2020 Olympics. It was such a challenging project to get to the finish line, and to have it shelved because the Olympics was cancelled due to Covid was crushing. But to see the release this year, with that distance, it made me extra proud to have been a part of such a beautiful piece.  Honestly, any project worked on in 2020 is something I’ll forever be proud of. 

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