Dunkin Donuts, MyDunkin — Tyler Manson + Hill Holliday + Adam Robinson at the Whitehouse Post in New York

Adam Robinson Stirs Things Up with Dunkin Donuts

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Adam Robinson got together over coffee with Hill Holliday, Tyler Manson of ACNE Production and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Together they’ve crafted #MyDunkin—a campaign that incorporates the tweets of Dunkers round the world into a cohesive, caffeinated campaign.

Go’head—throw up your own post with #MyDunkin on Facebook or Twitter—maybe you’ll stir in your own spot…!

Keep reading for the full release.


Whitehouse’s Robinson Cuts Social Media Campaign for Dunkin’ Donuts

When coffee lovers tap out their next Twitter or Facebook post exalting Dunkin’ Donuts famous brew, they may find themselves starring in the company’s new social media-based ad campaign. A carefully selected group of Facebook and Twitter users who’ve tagged their posts with a #mydunkin hashtag are in fact already appearing in a 7-spot Web and TV campaign cut by Whitehouse Post Editor Adam Robinson in partnership with agency Hill Holiday and ACNE Director Tyler Manson.

Meg Iced Energy typifies the campaign. A college student bounces across campus and into a practice session with her a cappella group, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in hand, as a voiceover of her reading her actual tweet sounds across the action: “Every a cappella rehearsal needs a dd iced coffee to get me though. #mydunkin.”

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