Adam Marshall & Joseph Ernst, Authentically Antique

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Adam recently joined up with Joseph Ernst to craft “a vintage film about modern day London.”

In a world of smart phones and constant over-stimulation, Londoners floats to the surface like a quietly captivating cloud of nostalgic now.

And this isn’t a project of filters and sound-mixes – down to the camera they capture with, Londoners is authentically antique…and this is felt, not only by the viewers, but also by the performers who interact with this antiquated relic completely differently than they do with its digital offspring.

“Modern society finds no comfort in the digital camera,” Ernst told “We shy away from them. We complain if someone points it in our direction. But if you bring out some spectacular relic from the past, people forget all that. They’re surprised that such a thing still exists and that it actually still works.”

And this curious fascination evoked a childlike playfulness that brought to life an authentic antiquity that might not otherwise have been captured.

“When you look at the old Mitchell and Kenyon films, there is a kind of innocence, a charm and allure of a time past,” explains Ernst. “I knew that this side of life still existed in London. The challenge was, would it be possible to produce such a document of this day and age?”

Challenge accepted.

Result: Worthwhile.


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