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A Year in Summary with David Brixton & Shoot Magazine

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Another year’s end brings another round of end of the year summaries. Shoot delivers a solid line up of lessons learned and acumen gained, spanning the industry and spotlighting several astute insights answering two questions:

1) What are the most important industry lesson(s) your company learned this year and how were they applied?

2) What industry trends, developments or themes were most significant in 2012?

Keep reading to see what the lovely David Brixton had to share or see it in context at ShootOnline.

David Brixton, managing partner/editor, Whitehouse Post
1) With the global economy still highly uncertain, this year we moved ahead with opening a Whitehouse Post office in Amsterdam, and Carbon Visual Effects and Cap Gun Collective offices in Los Angeles. This month, Gentleman Scholar is moving into new studios at Blackwelder in Culver City. Early next year, our alliance with The Mill comes to fruition with the opening of their full service studio in our recently expanded Chicago space.

After implementing all the above and sweating bullets while doing so, we are having a banner year for business. So I suppose the lesson learned is that whatever the vicissitudes of our industry or the economy, what has proved most important is staying true to our commitment to provide the very best creative services to our clients, while being tuned into and keeping pace with the challenges they face in their own businesses. Whitehouse Post was founded over 20 years ago in London – I have been in this industry long enough to witness an extraordinary technological revolution in the delivery of creative services – but what has never changed is the dynamic of people working together to output the best creative product.

2) The complexity of projects and the challenges in producing them properly continue to be a concern and issue for our clients. More than ever, it is important we engage early on to provide the most efficacious creative solutions that work within budgets and timelines. This has been the driving force behind the dramatic expansion of our services beyond creative editorial to include live action, design, visual effects and finishing.

We have structured our business so that we offer an array of services that can be scaled and applied appropriately for any project. An example is the Windows 8 launch campaign for Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, with live action by 1st Avenue Machine, and editorial, visual effects and finishing by Whitehouse Post and Carbon VFX. Another is the Discover Card 5% campaign for The Martin Agency, in which Gentleman Scholar did the live action and design, while Whitehouse Post and Carbon VFX provided the editorial and finishing.

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