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Gareth McEwen sees RED.

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Our favourite Scotsman has certainly been busy (in-between all the street parties and Palace teas).

First there was Revlon, the latest commercial work from acclaimed Black Swan Director Darren Aronofsky. The campaign features Emma Stone and Halle Berry and all three were remarkably shot in one day!  The additional PSA also reminds us that our lips aren’t only for beauty, they’re for raising awareness about Cancer.

Then there was a spot for Deutschebank which was cut out of our Amsterdam office at The Ambassadors.  Entirely green screen and Directed by V for Vendetta Director James McTeigue.  Gareth comments “Usually you’d have a week to work on something like this, where you are cutting green-screen, but we were all expected to get up to speed very quickly which was exciting and challenging.”

If you’re wondering if cutting green screen projects differs much from a regular live action shoot, Mr McEwen says “It almost feels like you’re cutting a play.  Once you’re inside the story and you are in the rhythm of it, your brain makes the leap and starts filling in the blanks.  You quickly visualise the finished film”.

As for editing in the same building as your flame op, he comments “Having the flame op on hand was fantastic.  Ton was able to do rough comps as we went along, which helped us sell our edit to the client.”

Ton Habraken (co-founder of The Ambassadors in Amsterdam) says “It was great to have such a strong international editor to work with renowned director James McTeigue. It was essential to do the edit and visual effects simultaneously in the same building.”

As if that weren’t enough he’s been chopping away for Arni and Kinski’s RED “Rush to Zero” which is not only a visual feast for the eyes but part of a global campaign to tackle AIDS.  The film was first shown to an acclaimed audience at the Cannes Film Festival.

Also from Gareth is a short film for Japanese Tsunami Aid directed by Simon Henwood and starring one of Japan’s biggest pop stars which featured recently in Vogue Italy.

Can’t wait to see what he does next!

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